Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are special cards that are used by readers and physics to answer questions a person may have about life. There are a total of 78 cards that will help a person learn about what is going to happen in life. Some scholars think that tarot comes from an Italian word “tarocchi” which is a common game played with these cards. Different cards have different meanings and visions.


The tarot cards were first used in Italy in 1440. The cards were a game and they were not used in the occult. The cards were not used for major. It was not until 1781 that Antoine Court deGebelin wrote the book Le Monde Primitif and stated that these cards have specific meanings and that they can be read to tell information about the future.

About the Deck

There are some symbols in the tarot cards that will give information about a person’s life. These cards will tell important life information so they are to be kept in mind when performing a tarot card reading. A person should get a reading from someone experienced with the cards for accuracy.

Cups Suit

This suit deals with love and happiness. It also represents the water elements and the fall season. This suit also deals with decision making and the final stages of life and the emotions associated with them. This can give information about marriage and any personal concerns that a person may be having.


This suit looks at conflicts and misfortunes. It looks at the air elements and the winter season. This symbol also deals with oppression, ambition, trouble, and courage. It is a symbol that is used to show power, intellectual reasoning, and mental consciousness.


This suit looks at activity and it also looks at change. The wands represent the fire element and the summer season. They look at energy, growth, intuition, creativity, determination, intelligence, and inspiration.

Suit of Coins

This suit may also be called the Suit f Pentacles. It represents the Earth and the spring. These cards look at security, finances, material possessions, and the act of trading.

The Fool Card

There is usually one of these cards per deck. The fool card is said to stand for the place of the number zero. It can represent a journey of the soul and can also state that something is going to be starting or ending.

Count Cards

These cards take the place of the Knight, the Queen, and the King. There is a Page Court Card that can be used to represent a person. When this card is used to represent people they will refer to a person that is already known or someone that they are going to meet.

Page Court

This card is used to represent children or it can be used to represent adults with children with adult qualities. These cards may represent someone younger than the person that is having the reading performed.


The knight represents ambition and determination. It may lead to some impulse control issues and this is something to keep in mind.


The queen is a symbol of female power and fertility. It can also be used to help represent maternity. This card is emotional and has power right next to the king. The queen is a symbol of wisdom, desire, and the influence on people around her. The queen often represents an adult female which is often a mother or a mentor that is female.


The king is a symbol of masculine power and authority. This is someone that is able to influence an entire group of people. The king demands control. The king can be seen as an authority figure and can be used to represent the father or a figure that is like a father is someone’s life. This figure has some authority in their life.

Reading the tarot cards is rather complex and it can take some time to learn how to read them properly. If a person is interested in having a tarot card reading they will need to go to an experienced reading so they can find out some information about their future and what is going to happen in their future.